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Ladies and gentlemen, here's the most popular band that you've never heard of... yet. Roadrunner Records used to promote Faktion with this crazy sentence and actually it's kinda true. Having toured with the local acts before the album and having more than 38.000 friends at myspace, makes them local heroes already and now it's time for the rest of the world to learn about them. Roadrunner Records' new hard rock stars, Denton/Texas based five piece Faktion was formed by guitarist Marshal Dutton and drummer Jeremy Moore, then guitarist Josh Franklin and bassist Jeremy "Brink" Coan and finally vocalist Ryan Gibbs joined. The band entered Gridlock Studios in Orlando, Florida to record their EP, "Make A Dent", which brought them a record deal with Roadrunner Records. And for their self titled debut album, they returned to the same studio with producers Justin Thomas and Brett Hestla (Dark New Day) and the album was mixed by Grammy-nominated Chris Lord-Alge, who's also worked with No Doubt, Foo Fighters, and Green Day.

Their music has all the elements that belong to American Nu Metal and also to American mainstream rock. Ryan Gibbs proves what a good vocalist he is in each and every song. Ballad style vocals on "Letting You Go" and "Six O'clock", heavier and throatier ones on "Always Wanting More" and "Better Today", through which Ryan manages to show his versatility as a singer. And from the solo guitar there are so many great guitar harmonies that everbody can find something to enjoy.

It is said that if you ever see Faktion live you will have no choice, except to become a fan. Actually I haven't seen them live yet, but I can change this sentence to: If you ever listen to their debut album then you will have no choice, except to become a fan.


Download: Take It All Away, Always Wanting More, Letting You Go
For the fans of: Limp Bizkit, Cold, Guns' Roses
Listen: MySpace

Release date 21.03.2006
Roadrunner Records

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