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Admittedly, this review should have been written a long time ago, but despite spending an enormous amount of listening sessions with dutch five piece Polydrone, I still haven't quite figured out what genre they belong to and how to best describe their sound on paper. Are they technical metal? Death metal? Hardcore? Or perhaps something entirely different like progressive nu-metal? Their sound is particularly hard to describe as they integrate so many genres (seamlessly, it must be noted) together on their new EP "/2" (pronounced: Divide by 2).

Essentially, we are dealing with polyrhythmic hardcore/metalcore hybrid sound distantly reminiscent of that by Misery Signals, Vira and even Architects if you really want to push the boundary. The vocals are gruff, harsh metalcore screams and growls, but they have an odd sense of melody to them that drives the songs forward with aggression and urgency. The guitars provide intermittent melody through slick leads and innovative compositions, though nothing you wouldn't have heard before on records by the aforementioned bands and their peers. Still, I've grown quite fond of the songs mostly because of the way their vocalist matches his growls with the crushing guitars, best shown during the "structural integrity" lyric on "Sunburn", which is a fantastic display of catchy songwriting while keeping things brootal. Another cool vocal moment appears on "Redemption", where the melancholic clean vocals towards the end actually remind me a lot of those used by our very own The Psyke Project, just because the contrast between the harsh shout and the desperate clean has been done so well.

All four songs sound relatively alike, making it slightly difficult to distinguish which song you're currently listening to, but they're still all well written and showcase lots of promise considering this is only a demo EP. These guys have written music together only since September '08 (though some members were already together in January 2007), and if this is what they came up with during such short notice, then I think it's fair to call these guys a promising band. After all, Misery Signals' demos sounded roughly like Polydrone's, quality wise at least. Exciting things lay ahead in the future, hopefully.

Download: Redemption, Sunburn
For the fans of: Misery Signals, Architects, Vira
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Release date May 2009

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