Balance And Composure

Only Boundaries EP

Written by: DR on 04/09/2009 23:16:58

All it took for these teenagers to earn themselves an immovable place in my heart was one debut EP titled "I Just Want To Be Pure", 6 songs, 22 minutes. That album has since gone on to garner more plays in my library than any other album this year. A few months ago their label No Sleep Records released a sampler, as labels do, and on this sampler was a new Balance And Composure track: "Show Your Face", I couldn't contain my excitement. Quite to my surprise it was a much different sound to the previous songs, it was darker, angrier, edgier; and they've carried this sound on to their sophomore release "Only Boundaries".

It's only 4 tracks long, but to borrow a quote from the TV show House: "It may be short, but it has girth." It's not an overly-original sound they bring to the table, you'll easily spot elements of alternative, indie, and emo (think Texas Is The Reason, NOT Escape The Fate) in the mix; but when they make music as compelling, addictive and downright awesome as this, you won't care one iota.

On paper (whatever that means) the vocalist shouldn't have a great voice, he's not particularly powerful and his voice certainly does not soar, but when he executes that mumble-slash-groan of his, as heard best on "I Can't Do This Alone", or his choleric screams from "Show Your Face", or his raspy wails towards the end of "What's Wrong With Everything", it's hard not to get excited. His voice compliments morose lyrics such as "Your words cannot tell me that my neighbour is burning, for that I can't believe. So tell me, am I burning too?" and such lyrics compliment his voice right back. You will find yourself singing along with their catchy choruses, or trying to imitate that screamy-throaty thing the vocalist does, and there isn't much you can do about it.

They've established themselves as one of the strongest acts on the criminally underrated No Sleep Records roster, they've clearly got the talent, and with a split album coming out later this year with Tigers Jaw, it would seem the only way is up for Balance And Composure. They just need to hurry up and release a full-length! (but don't rush it).


Download: I Can't Do This Alone, Show Your Face, What's Wrong With Everything
For the fans of: Tigers Jaw, Texas Is The Reason, Ace Enders And A Million Different People, The Get Up Kids

Release Date 11.08.2009
No Sleep Records

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