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Written by: DR on 03/09/2009 13:58:45

Sugarwall are a four-piece act hailing from the big L.A, fronted by Ronnie Dee, a "5th generation vocalist, and the son of legendary Joey Dee, from Joey Dee And The Starliters", so their biography states. Being son of one 'Joey Dee' means nothing to me, though I'm told they were quite the band, especially as the likes of Hendrix and even the great Joe Pesci (he plays guitar, who knew?) played with the band, so it would seem son Ronnie has an awful lot to live up to.

A band from Los Angeles claiming to play 'Country' may seem to lack authenticity, but I'm not Charlie Daniels and am prepared to let this slide, especially as there is a believable degree of country-fused rock with a dash poppy choruses on show here. It does come across as aimed towards the masses and radio waves, whilst hoping to score a deal as part of a soundtrack to the feel-good film of the summer; which again is acceptable, mainly because they pull it off reasonably well. "Find A Way" kicks off the album with some pleasant enough guitar work, before Ronnie starts singing in his enchanting and talented way, and demonstrating just why the production shines the spotlight towards the vocalist more so than it does the rest of the band; lead with your strongest foot and all that. The opening track is catchy, and the best song on the album - maybe it genuinely is the best song, or maybe it's because by the time you get to track three you start to loose interest due to the lack of originality, like there's nothing they could throw at you to surprise you, every song sounds similar to the track that preceded it.

All in all "Find A Way" is a decent release, nothing more and certainly nothing less. But it's all very safe - catchy, but safe. There's no great ability beyond the vocalist to be heard here, and as such, it warrants nothing more than a


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Release Date 19.05.2009

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