Invisible Wounds

Written by: PP on 02/09/2009 13:01:52

It's taken me criminally long to get around reviewing Inmoria's debut album "Invisible Wounds", simply because it's such a boring effort that each time I listened to it I couldn't get past track three without wanting to put something else on. I've been told that these guys sound like Tad Morose a lot because many of the band members used to be in that band, but since I have no idea who Tad Morose are, you'll be the judge of that.

There are many reasons to exactly why "Invisible Wounds" is a mediocre release, but one of the most important ones is that it simply sounds stale. Mixing male fronted gothic metal with darkened heavy/power metal atmospheres isn't original as a quick browse through our review section will prove to you. Even if the band adds the occasional industrial metal soundscape or two to the mix, the songs just aren't good enough to hold my interest. Generally at least. There's a few decent tracks, like "Alone", which features some Nightwish / Children of Bodom styled synths on the background, but like its title suggests, it's almost alone on the album.

Furthermore I have a question: how can EVERY SONG on the album be almost precisely the same length (~4:20)? To me that suggests that these songs came out of an assembly line rather than creativity, which, to be frank, is also how the whole album sounds like. Assembly line, unoriginal, uninspiring goth/power/heavy metal that shouldn't appeal to anyone really.


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For the fans of: Tad Morose, Crimson Cult
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Release date 26.06.2009
Massacre Records

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