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How many bands are you familiar with that sound like Queens Of The Stone Age? None? I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case, as their sound is quite unique indeed, especially after "Era Vulgaris", but after this review you'll know one at least. The band in question is Spinnerette, the new project by the now-defunct The Distillers vocalist Brody Dalle, one of the most talented women around in rock and punk, which incidentally is a bit of a super group considering it also features Alain Johannes (QOTSA) on guitar, Tony Bevilacqua (The Distillers) on another guitar, as well as Jack Irons (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam) behind the drum kit.

So how do Spinnerette sound like? The album opener "Ghetto Love" offers down tuned, dirtily distorted, quirky garage rock riffage with an experimental twist to it that you'll have heard all over "Era Vulgaris". I'm guessing Johannes had a lot to do with this, and the fact that Dalle is actually married to Josh Homme means she has taken some of her husband's ideas in as well. "All Babes Are Wolves", on the other hand, sounds a little bit more like The Distillers (think "Coral Fang" era) except only if the quirky guitars of QOTSA had been hastily thrown in the mix as well. "Cupid" sees more QOTSA aping (though in a good sense), though some may hear a little Garbage influence as well in Dalle's vocals here. "Geeking" has a riff pattern that reminds me of The Strokes slash The White Stripes, but that's no wonder because it's a garage rock song with a quirky indie twist to it. "Baptized By Fire" offers yet another direction with its funky electronics and poppy vocal delivery that could've, I guess, been done by some Danish indie pop dance band (insert Dune, Mew, etc here who I'm not actually familiar with, but I know that one band in that category sounds exactly like this). It's probably the best song on the album because it's so different.

While many of these tracks are okay, it's impossible to escape the notion that The Distillers were just that much better even though they're in a completely different genre. Dalle's smokey croon may complete Spinnerette's fuzzy guitar sound, but don't you just find yourself missing her aggressive screams and raw, off-tune clean vocals from songs like "I Am A Revenant"? Then at the same time you have to consider that Spinnerette will inevitably be compared against QOTSA, who are in a completely another league for the time being at least. Decent effort, but knowing Brody Dalle, it just feels like a disappointment.


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For the fans of: Queens Of The Stone Age, Courtney Love, Eagles Of Death Metal
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Release date 15.06.2009
Anthem / Hassle Records

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