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Written by: PP on 01/09/2009 16:10:58

If you're in the market for a fun summer album, you should strongly consider checking out The Real Deal's appropriately titled sophomore album "Fun". Even the artwork depicts carousels and amusement park rides (=fun), but if you're not convinced merely by those credentials, just check out the song below in their player. You'll like it, at least if Less Than Jake pushes the right buttons on you. One of the reasons I chose to pick up this record myself was because of the title, because I figured that with a simple but effective album title like "Fun" the band must really be in the business of fun, and business is probably good.

Like I just mentioned before, The Real Deal sound a lot like Less Than Jake. A shitload in fact. I can't even remember when I would've heard a band as identical in sound, attitude and melody to Less Than Jake as these guys. Take away the horns from LTJ, and album opener "A Day With Me" could've been on "GNV FLA". Throw in some ska punkish guitars reminiscent of Goldfinger and I've described the whole album from start to finish. But unlike is usually the case, this time the cloning has been done pretty god damn well. There's enough high-octane, sing alongable songs here to feed an army, and lots of joyous, humorous moments that'll put a smile on your face especially now that the Danish summer is quickly turning into a rainy fall. Consider, for instance, the Reel Big Fish inspired "Another 'Another Fuck You Song'", or the beer drinking song "Boddington Beer", which should convince you to join The Real Deal's camp if not through it's bouncy Goldfinger rhythm, then through it's backing gang vocals and happy vocals (who wouldn't be happy singing about beer?).

Seriously though, these guys sound so much like Less Than Jake it's unreal. Every vocal melody and guitar dynamic in every track sounds like it could've come from "GNV FLA", "Hello Rockview" or, in rarer occasions, even from "Losing Streak". Just without the horn section. But "Fun" isn't reinventing the wheel, or offering an improved design on it, it's just a good wheel overall without distinguishing itself from the other good wheels.

Download: A Day With Me, Boddington Beer, Rebel's Chant
For the fans of: Less Than Jake, Guttermouth, Goldfinger, The Flatliners
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Release date 05.05.2009
Stomp Records

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