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Written by: PP on 31/08/2009 21:03:03

I'm struggling to get back to my usual review pace after about a week's worth of absence, but just to make up for the missing ten or so reviews that I usually contribute per week, I'll start by reviewing an awesome release by an awesome band, one that released perhaps my favorite record of 2008 in "Sometimes Things Just Disappear": Polar Bear Club. They're currently gearing up to release their sophomore album "Chasing Hamburg", one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year, and just to get people excited, they've put out a teaser EP called "The Summer Of George".

Now the first thing I'll tell you is just wait until the actual album release, because it's just not worth the money to purchase a three track EP on which only one track won't appear on the new album. That lone track, "Dead Man", continues precisely where "Sometimes Things Just Disappear" left off, showcasing a Hot Water Music-inspired, medium-paced rock band with a love for gravelly, melodic vocals and angular riffs. While Polar Bear Club are still to date to put out a bad song, "Dead Man" is probably my candidate for their weakest track yet, and it actually feels like a leftover from the previous recording sessions.

As for the other two, well, if the new album is anything like these two tracks we're in for a smooth ride into super stardom. "Living Saints" kicks off with some of the brightest guitars we've heard from these guys, and vocalist Jimmy Stadt blasts straight into a ready-to-be-seminal lyric "I cut my fingers on a broken picture frame", a heartfelt, half screamed half sung masterstroke that explodes the song precisely into the sort of awesome melody-meets-roughness that Polar Bear Club have become synonymous for. There's clear evidence of musical evolution given the almost pop punkish melody-line, but it's still unmistakably Polar Bear Club, plus it's among the best songs the band has written yet, so that's good. "Boxes" is also a fast-paced track, foreshadowing that perhaps "Chasing Hamburg" will be leaning more towards their debut EP, but it's missing the 'wow' element that every single track on the full length had. That being said, it's still a decent track, and if you really can't wait for another week before getting your hands on new Polar Bear Club material, then check this stuff out.


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For the fans of: Hot Water Music, Real Life Version, Title Fight, Scream Hello
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Release date 28.07.2009
Bridge 9

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