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Symphony For The Devil (The World Of Type O Negative) DVD

Written by: PP on 02/04/2006 17:43:57

The legendary heavy metallers Type O Negative have put a lot of work on their first ever DVD release "Symphony For The Devil (The World Of Type O Negative". The DVD features their performance at the Bizarre Festival '99 in its entirety, a CD single, over 30 minutes of behind the scenes material from their tours across the globe, an exclusive 30 minute interview with FUSE.tv's own Juliya, a photo gallery of the bands childhood, biographies and a huge commentary track. That's enough material to make the DVD well over 2 hours in length, and I don't recommend anyone to watch it straight because you might just go insane.

The actual video-feed is split into two songs-retarded material-two songs-even more retarded material format. Basically, you see the band performing 16 of their most famous tracks in front of a 90,000 people audience, and you are interrupted every other song by video footage where the band themselves or their ridiculously funny tour manager/entertainment provider Ron Jeremy. The concert in itself is quite boring, because even though the songs are top notch quality, the band's live performance lacks the energy and passion a band as huge as them should have in front of one of the biggest audiences they've ever played in front of. Therefore, the short breaks in between songs come handy, and oftentimes make you damn near fall of your chair due to uncontrollable laughter. You'll see some band members passed out so badly that the others are able to paint a picture all over their bodies without them waking up. You'll see Ron Jeremy dance in front of street-performers in various cities. You'll see the band members popping cherries up their ass and trying to sh*t them out. You'll see more retarted stuff than you could ever have imagined, which all prove to be the highlights of the CD.

Now we'll get to the commentary track which is even more retarded than the previously described scenes. Where 'normal' commentary tracks are usually useless and boring, the Type O Negative one can be enjoyed by anyone. Basically it's the band members seeing the DVD for the first time together and making retarded jokes, adding sound effects (farting, moaning mostly) and commenting on how old or how hot some of their fans look like. This is much similar to the FUSE.tv interview on the DVD, where the band doesn't seem to be able to keep it serious for more than one or two minute stretches at a time. That's not a bad thing though, as it keeps the viewer interested in some of the rather boring questions asked by Juliya.

However, this release still isn't very interesting to someone without much knowledge to the band beforehand. The concert, which fills up the main part of the disc, is rather boring to watch even on a high quality screen, which forced me to split my viewing into five or six parts just to make it through the entire set. What I would have liked to see more is some more behind-the-scenes material, as that's clearly where the band excels in comparison to stage performance.


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Release date 20.03.2006
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