Lost And Found

Written by: MS on 11/04/2005 18:38:05

When Mudvayne released "L.D.50" in 2000, it became one of the best nu-metal albums ever, and in my oppinion it's one of the best metal albums out there. This is the second follow up from Mudvayne. After the first follow up called "The End Of All Things To Come", I felt a little let down, as they had lost a lot of their incredible creativity and ability to succesfully blend all kinds of genres together to create awesome metal. This album is a little more towards the old stuff, but it's still nothing compared to "L.D.50". It kicks off with a very heavy screaming track much like "Dig" and "Not Falling" from the previous 2 albums. They don't seem to have as much of the spooky mood-setters between tracks anymore, and that's a pity 'cause that was very well accomplished. Another thing that has always made Mudvayne awesome is their bassist, and on this album I miss the funky slap-bass that some of the older tracks have. Anyways, this is a good nu-metal album, but don't expect another "L.D.50".


Download: Determined, Fall Into Sleep

For the fans of: Machine Head, Disturbed, Damageplan

Release date 12.4.2005

Columbia Records

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