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~{Sterling Black Icon}~ Chapter III - Black But Shining

Written by: PP on 31/03/2006 04:38:56

"Sterling Black Icon" is the third chapter in Fragments Of Unbecoming's career in the rising. The german five-piece has existed since early 2000 and has previously released two critically acclaimed death metal albums borrowing elements from both the German metal scene as well as the Swedish melodeath scene.

Sam has finally been convinced to take the lead vocalists role in the band, leaving Stefan much more space to work on the complex twin guitar harmonies evident everywhere on the album. Sam's vocals are harshly growled out, but the level of production is good enough to almost recognize the lyrics, but the lyrics sheet accompanying the album becomes quite handy in the long run. The lyrics' theme is dark, gloomy and despaired, just as all death metal band's lyrics should be as well. However, they are much more complex than one is willing to admit after the first couple of listens. And well, if your average song length is 5 and a half minutes, you are forced to keep a certain level of meaning in your lyrics unless you want to be bashed as a band trying too hard to be progressive.

Now, by reading the above, it would be too easy conclude that Fragments Of Unbecoming is yet another stereotypical generic death metal band, not adding anything new to the currently overwhelmed scene, but if you're thinking that, go and listen to the band right now. Ingo's drumming is simply some of the best I've heard on a death metal album - blast beats are everywhere and the drum beat structures are distinct and unique, much differing from what you usually hear on albums. The rhythm changes all the time without warning, but somehow it fits perfectly with the beautiful, highly tuned, complex twin guitars of Stefan and Sascha, much resemblant of the "Lunar Strain"-era In Flames material.

In short, Fragments of Unbecoming's third album should be given a chance by anyone who has ever been a fan of the Swedish melodic death metal scene. The slow 7 minute epics blow your mind away and the shorter (well, 4 minutes isn't THAT short but..) tracks supplement the long with speed, aggression and brutality. This band is worth watching out for in the near future.


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Release date 24.03.2006
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