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Where Did You Go EP

Written by: TL on 13/08/2009 13:49:42

Another pearl on the string of bands that have formed my increasing cover of the indie rock scene is Get Back Loretta, a San Diego five piece. The release that's up for review is their recent EP "Where Did You Go", which is the first thing they've released since their debut LP "Over The Wall", from 2006. In terms of references, this new EP is a record that's located relatively firmly between similar bands like Manchester Orchestra and Cold War Kids, but which also features the odd part that could make you think of The Arcade Fire or The Decemberists. So yeah, indie it surely is, and with influences of good quality in the bag, a solid base sound is given with these guys and the question merely remains whether or not Get Back Loretta can reinterpret the style in a convincing manner.

The answer is both yes and no. As "Where Did You Go" strolls by with retro-rockin guitars and pianos leading the march, there's absolutely nothing to suggest that we're dealing with soul-less copyists here. The songs and the delivery is believable alright. However, it has been increasingly difficult for me to shake the feeling that the first two of the bands I listed as GBL's influences did almost exactly the same thing, only infinitely better. Like Manchester Orchestra, Get Back Loretta are faced with having to overcome being just a retro-inspired indie-rock band and establishing a stand-out identity of their own. Unlike Manchester Orchestra, I don't think they manage to.

Like I said, the problem is not with the sound, it's with the songs. The band's sound sends all the signals of something you'd hear and think "hey, this sounds pretty cool", but their songs just never really deliver you from that point and to the next where you think "yeah, this is definitely awesome". It's like they're a bit too restrained in their traditional indie-rock format, and beyond being enjoyable, they give you more of an impression of some solid but easily forgettable background music for a few weeks of yours, than one of a band to take note of and keep an eye out for. It's a bit of a shame, because the way the EP opens, with Arcade Fire-ish church organs and drawn out singing, it promises more ambition than that. So far though, while this is by no means bad music, I just don't see why I should listen to this over another spin of any of the bands listed below here.

Download: When You Notice, Breakin' Down, Mrs. Miller
For The Fans Of: Manchester Orchestra, Cold War Kids, The Decemberists, The Arcade Fire

Release Date June 2009

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