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Written by: PP on 23/03/2006 13:48:43

From First To Last skyrocketed into scenesters knowledge with their debut album "Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has A Body Count", which featured ultra catchy hooks supported by erratic screams and plenty of high-pitched singing, making them one of the prime examples of the cliché screamo sound. Nevertheless, that album featured some of the best songs the genre has to offer; "Note To Self" and "Populace In Two" are the two most significant ones that pop up in my mind straight away.

Ultimately, fans of the previous album will find themselves alianated by their sophomore album "Heroine". The band's songwriting has changed from the somewhat immature, angstful sound into a less chaotic, more mature one, so don't expect a single song like "Kiss Me, I'm Contagious", for instance. The melodic hooks have been left to a bare minimum, and the songs have been given space to breathe; too much space if you ask me. "The Crows Are Coming For Us" is the best example of the prior, as its riffs just seem never-ending and too grand for a band like From First To Last. Its as if they're trying to create a more hardcore version of Matchbook Romance's new album "Voices".

The highpoints on "Heroine" are "Shame, Shame", which begins with a solid guitar-solo and bursts straight into the melodic but aggressive clean singing, occasionally supported by hardcore-style screaming, and "World War Me", which could almost have made it to Beecher's epic "This Elegy. His Autopsy". It's as if the band are trying to create a prog-hardcore piece with the prior songs. But while this approach works in these tracks, "...And We All Have Hell" and "The Levy" are good examples of how it works more against the band than for them.

"Heroine" is an ambitious album, and during most of the songs it feels like From First To Last are trying to sound bigger than they actually are. It's a step into the wrong direction, and won't be well received by their fans.


Download: "Shame, Shame", "Aftermath"
For the fans of: From Autumn To Ashes, Matchbook Romance
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Release date 21.03.2006

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