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Under The Gun

Written by: PP on 26/07/2009 20:39:06

Seizure Crypt's nine track album "Under The Gun" is a perfect example of why you shouldn't waste your money and time on going in a studio and putting out an album if you don't have a bunch of good songs ready. The band, which coincidentally also features Mike SOS from another boring NYC rock band SOS, attempts to play Suicidal Tendencies / Cryptic Slaughter style tough guy New York Hardcore spiced with Tenacious D inspired 'humour' both in and in between the songs on the disc. I've got news for you, Tenacious D isn't funny, and Suicidal Tendencies are average at best. The humour isn't laughable, and consequently most of Seizure Crypt's 'funny moments' make me shake my head at best in disapproval and attempt to grate my own brains out at worst. There's a song called "Cat Lady", which is about someone who had 60 cats in their house, that finishes with a "CRAZY FUCKING CAT LADY" yell. Am I supposed to laugh here? The indecipherable yells and shrieks that are somehow passed as vocals are freaking annoying, and not something I'd recommend for anyone to listen to. If I didn't know better, I'd say this band is a joke, albeit a failed one.

Strictly musically speaking, Seizure Crypt combine basic New York Hardcore (a la Madball) together with thrash metal elements. Occasionally their will to party hard reminds me of Municipal Waste, but then again, Municipal Waste actually have great songs to support that attitude, something which Seizure Crypt are lacking entirely. Sure the guitarist can shred and play technical thrash passages, but most of the time it feels like he's just showing off his ability to run his fingers on the fretboard rather than focusing on writing a cool and memorable riff. I understand that these guys are insane and want to somehow re-create their personalities on this record, but there are better ways to do that. See Exhibit A for an example. The last thing left about "Under The Gun" are the summarizing arguments, which go here, right? Well, you only need to know is that this band is fucking awful. Don't expect to get signed anytime soon.


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For the fans of: Suicidal Tendencies, Cryptic Slaughter, Tenacious D
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Release date 2008

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