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Broken Rhyme EP

Written by: TL on 21/07/2009 00:07:13

No matter how much the rock scene develops over time, it seems a given that there are always local bands in your area willing to re-interpret the great classics of the seventies. One from around BL's particular neck of the wood recently submitted their first demo for review to him, and in a tit for tat trade, I agreed to give it a neutral review if he would do the same to my friend's band Die Von Lust. So, to hold up my end of the bargain, let me tell you about Tombstone Bullets and their "Broken Rhyme EP".

Stylistically, like I've already hinted, TB are referencing and putting a British spin on R'n'R like 'Skynyrd or 'Zeppelin. Especially the second of the three tracks on offer "(6AM) Grocery Store" displays this clearly, the guitars bearing a tone that is exactly like 'Skynyrds, while the vocals make for the distinct British feel via their accent. In terms of musicianship, these lads seem to have taken themselves seriously and put in a solid effort, driving their songs with groovy riffage and layering them with enough texture to buy them some cred.

However, while TB seem to try to fortify their position by having some darker hardrock elements in the mix, I still think the main drawback of this debut of theirs is a level of ambition that's a bit too low. After all, isn't the problem with all these classic-rock interpreters that we never really get to understanding why we should listen to them rather than the actual classics? That's often the case for me at least, and it is the case here. I certainly understand why TB want to have their bases covered on their first outing, but seeing as their craftsmanship is in order, I see no reason not to be a bit more daring with the expression and the song structures perhaps. That would be my advice for the band at least - That and losing that odd Misfits/James Hetfield vocal effect their singer has on his voice in the lower parts, especially notable in the opening title track. To me it sounds put on and is about the only thing of this record that actually suggests any kind of inexperience on the band's behalf.

So anyway, as you may have figured, I'm not exactly thrilled, nor in any way annoyed by "Broken Rhyme EP", and thus it becomes the kind of thing that you may or may not like, depending on what you normally tend to spend much time listening to. If low key hard rock/rock'n'roll with audible classic rock inspirations doesn't sound too shabby in your ears, then by all means support these newcomers.

Download: (6AM) Grocery Store, Broken Rhyme
For The Fans Of: Voodoo Six, The Parlor Mob, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin

Release Date April 2009

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