Revolution Mother

Rollin' With Tha Mutha

Written by: PP on 20/07/2009 19:10:00

Revolution Mother are a southern-fried rock 'n' roll band with a macho attitude, who write songs about, you guessed it, rock 'n' roll. They are rock 'n' roll to the bone, as every song is about either the rowdy lifestyle associated with the genre or just the fact that rock 'n' roll is fucking kick ass and the best genre ever. Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but that's honestly the feeling you get from listening to "Rollin' With Tha Mutha". The cup is not just spilling over with rock'n'roll, it's experiencing a freaking monsoon rain of attitude and is flooding over in the vein of Roskilde Festival back in 2007.

So now that we've got the sound covered, are the songs actually good? The title track opens the disc with an outright ass-kicking with dirtily distorted groovy guitars and sleazy vocals that make you think of saloons in the old Wild West days. It's simple, but it kicks ass. "MOFO" leans towards East Coast hardcore through it's straight forward riffing and yelled vocals, but it's got an overload of attitude that makes the song quite decent."Killin' Machine" is a rowdy, pedal-to-the-floor rocker about driving on open highways, and though I find the vocalist extremely irritating, there's something about the song that just works. "Born To Rock N' Roll" is probably the song that describes Revolution Mother best, as it's both dirty, sleazy, and it could've been on the soundtrack for Dukes Of Hazzard.

These are all decent examples of old school rock 'n' roll with a groovy twist, but then the second half of the album stumbles on two things: a) recycling of the first half of the album and b) failing to lift it above generic rock 'n' roll stereotypes. "The Snake" is a good example of this with alternating guitar distortion and vocal lines in the beginning, followed by some indecipherable whiskey-drenched yells. "Night Ride" is a brief exception to the mediocrity because of it's furious speed, but then it's more medium-paced, and frankly, boring rock which fails to sound dangerous in the form of "Ride The Sky" and "Runaway Train". "Hit List" works again because of it's upbeat hardcore tone, but "Time Machine" sounds precisely like earlier tracks with the addition of some (empty) guitar soloing. In the end, whether you'll like Revolution Mother will depend on your general opinion about southern fried guitars, yelled vocals, and if you find rehashing of old school rock 'n' roll with some hardcore influence inspirational or not. For me, there are a few crackers here, but mostly the record passes by without making a huge impression.


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For the fans of: Discharge, Motörhead, AC/DC, Rock'n'Roll
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Release date 06.07.2009
Ferret Records

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