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Black Friday 2009

Written by: PP on 19/07/2009 20:40:23

Most other European hardcore bands tend to last for only a couple of years before splitting or losing inspiration, but here's a five-piece that's still sticking around: Germany's Black Friday 29 have been around for a good seven years now, leading Let It Burns to sign them for their longevity as a band, and probably also for their kick-ass, albeit somewhat unoriginal, brand of fist-pumping hardcore, that's now presented to the international audiences in the form of "Black Friday 2009".

The first impression of the record comes in the form of the war-critical "Auri Sacra Fames", an energetic hardcore track with a good chorus, but it sounds so much like Comeback Kid that I actually thought I had accidentally shoved the wrong album into my CD drive. Black Friday 29 are somewhat more aggressive on the vocals though - leaning towards bands like Terror - and have slightly less melody in the guitar lines. That's compensated with pure anger at the world economy and all the suffering it has caused, and countless passages which demand you to pump your fist at the air while spitting out anti-capitalist propaganda.

Highlights of the record include "Growing Colder", which contains the most memorable line of the record, the 'WE ARE LIVING A LIE' shout, "No Farewell" for it's Capital-sounding melodic vocals (more of this on next release please!), and "Set My Focus" just because it's high octane pace entices me to mosh each time I hear it. But all the songs are solid really, although I have no idea why the band included an almost two minute long instrumental track which sounds nothing at all like the rest of the songs with it's quiet strumming and violins. Perhaps if the band would've thrown some violin into the regular songs they could've created something special (have you ever heard of a hardcore band with violins?), and thus avoided the inevitable Comeback Kid-clone label I'm about to slap on them right now. Slap.

Download: Set My Focus, Growing Colder, No Farewell
For the fans of: Comeback Kid, Bane, Mouthpiece, Terror
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Release date 29.05.2009
Let It Burn Records

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