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The Last Thing You Forget

Written by: PP on 17/07/2009 12:34:18

Title Fight have been creating buzz overseas for a while now after their previous release, the "Kingston" 7-inch, received a number of great reviews praising it to be the next big thing in pop punk & melodic hardcore. One of the reasons for the 7-inch doing so well was that it combines several genres flawlessly together: there's just enough pop punk to keep things nice and melodic, while the vocalist is tinged towards emotional hardcore, and the instruments lean heavily on A Wilhelm Scream-esque technical punk rock where there's still enough pace to make you go 'wow' over the guitars.

Perhaps punk rock will never be as impressive instrumentally as metal, but Title Fight are doing their best to change that perception. Listening to their new album "The Last Thing You Forget" is essentially like listening to Daggermouth, except far more technical, or Polar Bear Club, but much faster and the vocals aren't as coarse. A song like "Neck Deep", one of the best on the album by the way, will remind you over the dual vocals of Set Your Goals in places, but there's a persistent feeling that Title Fight songs are just that much more interesting because there's so much going on at the same time, this without taking any credit away from the entirely awesome "Mutiny!". "Western Haikus" shares a similar melancholic vocal harmony with Tigers Jaw, but that's a short-lived reference as most of their arsenal essentially comes from the melodic hardcore playbook of Lifetime.

Still, despite having listened to the album a good ten times now, I'm just not getting into many of the songs as much as I really should. "Symmetry" catches my attention with it's harsh vocals and sick guitars, but "Introvert" is perhaps just a tad bit too much like Polar Bear Club (a more hardcore version) for my liking - after all they're the best band at what they do. Although all songs on the record are solid for what are - melodic hardcore with a pinch of pop punk in them - many of them just aren't that memorable. A song like "No One Stays At The Top Forever" is excellent for it's sudden bursts of energy and raw vocals, but then again something like "Anaconda Sniper" lacks the last bit to make it an unforgettable song. Nevertheless, much of the material is solid, which is why I'll award the record a good rating.


Download: Neck Deep, No One Stays At The Top Forever, Symmetry
For the fans of: A Wilhelm Scream, Polar Bear Club, Set Your Goals, Lifetime, Daggermouth
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Release date 23.06.2009
Run For Cover Records

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