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Written by: KS on 14/03/2006 21:21:45

Once in a while you have to do some things in life that you don’t really like doing. One thing for me is reviewing this fourth (!) self titled album by the Swedish post-Hardcore / Rock / Experimental three-piece. The album consists of only 2 tracks which are accordingly 19:30 and 16:45 long. The tracks have no names other than these track-lengths. What is even more weird is that in between the two songs there’s an undefined 7:05 minute piece which is actually attached to track 1 (19:30) thus making it 26:35 long. Confused? I know I was at first.

The music itself is also weird. It consists of a guitar or bass string plucked once in a while, quite randomly it seems. Sometimes there’s also what seems to be random drumming and some wretched screamed/growled vocals.

All in all there isn't really much music, as it is mostly just soundscapes and ambience. In the end of each track though, there are a few minutes with music that's kind of groovy and quite catchy, but in the end this artsy metal avant-garde stuff is just too much for me. Somewhere, somehow there must be some people who like this kind of thing, but I'm not one of them. This grade is very subjective since I have no idea what to do about this. On the plus side those groovy passages are quite good but all the weirdness is just too much for me.


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For the fans of: Art-metal or other avant-garde stuff.
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Release date 24.01.2006
Trust No One Recordings
Provided by Target ApS

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