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Realms Of Constraint

Written by: BL on 14/07/2009 23:35:19

Die Von Lust is a Danish five-piece who have only been together for just over a year, and this is their debut EP which you can stream from their Myspace for free. It says on their Myspace that they play a Metal / Death Metal / Rock combination, but I can tell you that it is more run of the mill metalcore meets melodic death metal over a typical heavy metal base. Though while it is a familiar combination, I did actually struggle to name many bands with any real similar sounding qualities to their credit.

I didn't make too much of the three songs on display here initially: the guitar work reminded me of The Sorrow so that meant generic metalcore/melodeath riffs. These were held together rhythmically by rather lackluster drums (which sound like they have been triggered with a couple of the repeated snare hits in fills sounding exactly the same - almost to the point where it sounds like it was programmed). Indeed while the guitars were passable at best, often the drums (in particular the snare) kept the same sort of beat far too often on all three tracks. The resulting effect was that while some parts of the songs sounded quite cool with some decent groove (Villains has a nice pseudo breakdown part about 1:15 minutes in to showcase what I mean) while other parts sounded a bit too awkward and unimaginative with the drum pattern being too basic. Instruments could have been made a bit tighter overall but it isn't too noticeable and thankfully the production is quite clear and polished.

Alexander Rasmussen's vocals have a similar problem of consistency, being decently throaty at the best times while at worst sounding like strained shrieking. The first time the clean vocals kicked in on the last track they sounded far too awkward in the mix for me, though fortunately when the full clean vocal part comes in a while later his voice sounds a lot better and tuneful - a shame it wasn't used a bit more frequently (and in that song it fades into the background eventually). The lyrics again range from the good: "Do you fear it, or do you recognize the villain inside you?" to the bad: "You shattered your glasses on the floor, now you will never open the door".

Like I said, I wasn't the biggest fan to begin with, though after a couple of repeated listens the songs started to grow on me. Being totally honest they weren't that bad and each song has at least one memorable part: the first song has a nice melodic part at the 1:35, the second track has that cool breakdown-ish part I alluded to earlier and the final track has a moderately enjoyable guitar solo section with some rocking rhythm guitars. Everything is certainly rough around the edges and I'd like to see everything tightened a bit, more ambitious song writing would also add to their cause as would general improvement all round. And I say this because I do see hints of promise here and there underneath the generic-ness of it all.

Download: Their EP is on their myspace
For the fans of: The Sorrow, Metalcore/Melodic Death Metal tinted Heavy Metal
Listen: Myspace

Release date 06.06.2009

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