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On Feel Trips

Written by: ASH on 14/03/2006 15:12:26

Danish alternative rockers The Alpine kickstart Denmark's coldest month with their newest album, "On Feel Trips", which really makes wonder "Where did winter go?"

Seriously, this album made me forget all about the below zero temperatures outside my window, because of their smooth, catchy sounds that just make you jump out of the seat instantly. With prime tracks like "Box Office Band" and "Sham On" along with the very experimental, but still great, "Winnebago" the album gets really interesting in no time. This is because "On Feel Trips" is their first real breakthrough album, so it's quite impressive that so many tracks sound so good.

But still, there are rarely any diamonds without flaws. A good advice to the band from me is this; Never, ever make a track like "No I In Team" ever, ever again. That track gives back memories about first grade's group songs about moral and how we all should stick together and be nice to each other.

Nonetheless, The Alpine has been able to produce a great album with only a small amount of bad seeds, which I find quite refreshing in these times, where everything seems to stay grey and cold. So, to sum it all up, I can actually use one, single word: Nice.

It is a simple word, I agree with that, but the album is just nice, smooth and catchy, and even though they might have some way too experimental ideas about exporting messages through their songs out to their fans, they know what it takes to make a good album. "On Feel Trips" is recommended to anyone who needs some new, fresh soundwaves into their life.


Download: Box Office Band, Sham On, Mondays Look The Same
For the fans of: The Ark, Talking Heads, The Clash
Listen: The Alpine's Official Homepage

Release date 27.02.2006
Super Sonic Records

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