Eryn Non Dae.

Hydra Lernaia

Written by: EW on 08/07/2009 11:34:04

Eryn Non Dae., or also known as End. from France seem to defy categorisation, never seeming to want to settle in any one style across their debut album "Hydra Lernaia". Such a free spirit can sometimes be a good thing. However in this case, "Hydra Lernaia" should be used as a future reference to younger bands to show why such a thing shouldn't be done if it comes out as messy as the end result here. What we have is an uncomfortable mix between 'groove' metal (which I tend to think is often just a way of not calling nu-metal, nu-metal), hardcore, an inherent industrial edge and harsh painfully screamed vocals.

Most of the songs follow the same pattern of being complex in execution but thoroughly unrewarding to listen to. "The Decline And The Fall" and "Echoes Of Distress" possibly expose this greatest, resplendent with quirky drum patterns and time signatures, down-tuned and distorted mindless riffing accompanied with the odd spoken section between the shrieks; it is as unpleasant as all that sounds. The closing track "Pure", at 11 minutes long, starts off better following the distressing "Echoes Of Distress", with a Cult of Luna-like reverberating riff before more inane guitar noises make paying attention to the interesting part of the song that bit more difficult.

One can usually tell what is being aimed for in records that are too complicated for their own good. But with Eryn Non Dae. I frankly have no idea quite they want to be, and through listening to "Hydra Lernaia" I'm not sure they know either. Perhaps the work of art for another man, but for me an album I've taken no pleasure in listening to.


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Release date: 22.06.09
Metal Blade Records

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