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Mind Like A Man, Soul Like A Child

Written by: DR on 06/07/2009 21:20:22

You ever hear a song which you have serious trouble lumping into a specific genre? Well, throughout all ten "Mind Like A Man, Soul Like A Child" tracks you'll hear elements of pop punk, pop, indie, rock and alternative; and no doubt you'll pick up on elements and influences of plenty of other bands, but tying Terra Terra Terra down to just one genre is quite problematic. Still, what do genres really matter anyway?

This Floridian quartet have clearly set out with the objective of breaking in to the mainstream with their pleasant, incredibly radio-friendly sound fitted with sing-along choruses, but it's all a bit too...nice. The disturbing lack of bass adds to the fact this band have neither bark nor bite, and the vocals are - despite the allure of Loren's soft and gentle croons - too safe and not once over-stretched. The musicianship is simple and not particularly ambitious, moreover it lacks any real drive or edge - but you get the impression that's the point. This band isn't looking to whip you into a heady mosh-frenzy, they want to lodge their sweet sound firmly in your brain so that every time you hear "Transmission Lost" on the radio a smile can't help but flourish across your face.

The ironic thing is, one of the best moments comes in the form of "The Coast is Clear", when the band stop drop their entirely blissful sound and allow Loren to let his vocal abilities loose; from Jesse Lacey style whispers "I'm not leaving 'cause I have to, but I want to/is that ok with you?/don't forgive me in case I have to run back to you" to the soaring "and the coast is clear/we can come out hiding from our sheet/I've been lying for years, shaking hands with the demons beside me and/all we fear is alive." It's invigorating and compelling, it's downright glorious.

The affair as a whole though just seems too tepid. It's too dependable and too cautious, the band need to step out of their comfort zone more often and be much more ambitious if they're to really make a name for themselves and stand out from the crowd. Keep one eye on this space however, and don't be surprised if these guys make the big time once they decide to let themselves loose, even just a little.


Download: Transmission Lost, This Is My Associate Cornelius, The Coast Is Clear
For Fans of: Jonezetta, Manchester Orchestra, Search The City, Sullivan
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Release Date: 11.08.09
Round Kid Records

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