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Written by: PP on 14/03/2006 14:27:54

At this stage of their career, I think it is safe to assume that NOFX will never, or at least very rarely, create bad songs. "Never Trust Hippies EP" is meant as a teaser for their upcoming full length album "Wolves in Wolves' Clothing", their 14th full length outing on their 23 year old career, excluding the split records they've made with the likes of Rancid.

The first two tracks of the EP are to be included on the actual album in one months time. "Seeing Double At Triple Rock" combines the early to mid-90s swift, semi-technical NOFX with the current skatecore or skatepunk sound we've seen on "War On Errorism" and "Pump Up The Valuum". "The Marxist Brothers" feels like "Anarchy Camp" revisited and is likely to be one of the standalone tracks on the actual album. Everything on this EP starting from one of the fastest, most shredding guitar riffs the band has ever done on "Everything in Moderation (Especially Moderation)" through the typical NOFX song "Golden Boys" suggests that the band is taking a step back from songs like "Mattersville" towards the earlier, faster, more 'hardcore' material we all grew up with during mid 90s. The recent addition of politics to their songs is still there, as evident on "You're Wrong", a track that insults pretty much everyone's beliefs except their own. But that was inevitable already after you saw the front cover of the EP, featuring Jesus drinking a bottle of rum with a smile on his face.

Many people, including myself, were afraid that NOFX would go toward the softer, ballad-like songs on their next album based on their 7" club of the month songs (they released two songs each month to their 7" club of the month members), which were mellow, and in most cases boring ("Jamaica's Alright If You Like Homophobes" anyone?). But as I said before, "Never Trust Hippies EP" suggests that the band isn't going to change their trademark sound even a bit, and the 7" songs were just demos experimenting with their sound to be disregarded on the actual album. Most importantly, it gives us a hint that "Wolves In Wolves' Clothing" will, once again, top everything the band has done in the past.


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Release date 14.03.2006
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