The Boy And The Bird EP

Written by: TL on 26/06/2009 11:24:57

"The Boy The Bird EP" is the second release from Merykid, a moniker that hides Texas musician Nick Mery's attempt to try his hand at music by himself, after having performed with a number of bands over the years (Sugarcult, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Augustana among others). While Merykid recorded his first EP entirely on his own and entirely acoustically, this second one is recorded in a church with the aid of a live drummer and a string section. And what a successful recording it was, I'll tell you that much, because while Merykid must be described as an indie artist, this doesn't sound very indie or low profile at all. I guess it goes to show that it's possible for almost anyone to make a proper recording these days (take notes Italian metal bands).

The EP contains six songs on which Mery tries his hand at a number of different styles. The opener "Bad Things" is a trendy electronic thing that reminds me of Bright Eyes' "Digital Ash In A Digital Urn". "The Bird" starts out entirely on acoustic guitar, but then halfway through it turns into an electrical r'n'b/rocker alá Rob Thomas. On this and the following "Goodbye Moon", which is based on a beautiful string arrangement, Mery also betrays his love for Ryan Adams by aligning his own singing style very closely with Adams', but then, Ryan Adams is awesome, so I won't be one to hold that against him. Especially not when the style is delivered as charmingly as on the restrained "Clean Freak! Ghost!", again rocking the acoustic guitar, and reminding me more than a little of Ryan Adams' "Rescue Blues".

"Keep Movin'" on the other hand, floats by a little too discretely for my tastes, before "If She Only Knew/ Addicted" rounds of the record with a banjo lead and a Jason Mraz-ish song performance. All in all, Nick Mery proves that he is a talented enough musician to stand firmly on his own feet, what with having written and played pretty much every part on every instrument (but the drums) here. Listening to him is a joy, even if you might at times wonder if you wouldn't enjoy the real Ryan Adams more. That should change when he gets some more songs written, and especially so if they become just a liiiittle bit catchier. Then he should truly realize his potential as a stand alone artist.


Download: Clean Freak! Ghost!, Goodbye Moon
For The Fans Of: Ryan Adams (but poppier), Jason Mraz, Damien Rice

Release Date 30.06.2009

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