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Written by: AB on 26/06/2009 01:56:25

Ahh, the second Swedish death metal review in as many days. Seeing as I've been positively surprised by the last couple or so of the Swedish DM albums I've listened to, I reckon I should lighten up a bit on the bands from our metal-playing brother land. That should be an easy enough promise to keep as the next album is by Vomitory, who, though born and bred Swedes, play a very American sounding breed of death metal, reminiscent of the old Florida masters.

What this means, is that Vomitory here on their 7th full length album battles on with a slew of brutal, in-your-face death metal. Although that obviously sounds like it could turn out good, I'm slightly worried. I have never really been able to get into Vomitory, as I have found them competent, if slightly uninteresting. It turns out that I'm right - Vomitory still doesn't excite me much with "Carnage Euphoria". Yes, the growls are low, the riffs are pummeling, the drums are blasting, the bass is basically inaudible, and everything is delivered effectively and aggressively and a little boringly.

There's not much change of either tempo or general expression throughout the record - Vomitory are, like like-minded bands such as Incantation and Cannibal Corpse, strong believers in the 'if it ain't broken don't fix it' approach. And while it certainly isn't broken, "Carnage Euphoria" feels more like a tribute album to the old school Florida bands rather than a work on its own. This sounds like something a Cannibal Corpse cover band could have cooked up by themselves, or maybe Deicide's "The Stench Of Redemption" with less solos and without Glenn Benton.

Yes, I know this doesn't say much about "Carnage Euphoria", but there really isn't that much to say. Bar from the two last tracks, the short and grindy "Possessed" and album closer "Great Deceiver", which is the only song where something mildly interesting takes places in the form of some atmospheric and melodic riffs, march drum work, and good song writing, everything gets muddled together over the course of the album. In the end the verdict is sadly the same as many of the other extreme metal bands of today deserve: competent, if boring.

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Release date: 11.05.2009
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