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From Soil To Shale

Written by: PP on 10/06/2009 19:01:40

It must be irony that every time I complain about how some genres are diminishing to nonexistence in my review queue, then a boatload of precisely that genre appears to be next in line for me. A while ago I openly asked "what happened to no-frills rock music?" in a review, and now it seems my question is being answered through some good releases as of late. First it was CKY and The Motorleague last week, and now the next meal on my metaphorical review plate is Dogs Of Winter and their new record "From Soil To Shale", a rowdy rock and roll record to its fucking bone.

Stylistically, these guys sound like a cross between the ego-centric mainstream rock of early Foo Fighters, the droning stoner rock of Queens Of The Stone Age and the quirkiness of Wolfmother's rifftastic songs. Every song has enough of rock 'n' roll energy and groovy, headbang inducing riffs to feed a goddamn army of rock'n'rollers. Vocal duo Grosz / Dowd change between the scratchy Dave Grohl-inspired singing on "As You Were" and the ultra-aggressive distorted yelling and screaming of "Ghost", the latter of which is basically a fucking old school rock 'n' roll track converted into a modern and relevant sound to suit a 2009 release date. Incidentally it is also the best track on the record because it conveys the wrecking-hotel rooms type of energy that we've come to expect from stoner/rock bands these days. The screaming does make an appearance on other tracks as well, but it's mostly in a background role while the Dave Grohl-esque singing battles with solid riffage.

Really there's not much else to say about Dogs Of Winter than that they play straight forward, no-frills rock with a truckload of memorable riffs and high-octane energy throughout. All songs on "From Soil To Shale" are solid rock songs so I can't complain about that, but nonetheless it feels like Dogs of Winter are still waiting to advance the final step before they'll write the next "Learn To Fly" and get sucked into the mainstream media-circus. They're very close though, and by their next album we could be looking at the next sensation. Time will tell.


Download: Player Piano, Ghost, As You Were
For the fans of: Foo Fighters, Wolfmother, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Motorleague
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Release date 04.05.2009
Lapdance Academy

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