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The Serpent Servant

Written by: AP on 07/06/2009 13:20:06

I remember watching some music videos recommended to me by YouTube and coming across this band sometime last year. I also remember being vaguely impressed with it, though concluding once again that this sort of music just isn't my cup of tea. Now, what happened between then and now is a mystery to me because information about this band's dealings on the net is pretty scarce, but the difference between Impending Doom's debut album, "Nailed. Dead. Risen" and this new disc, "The Serpent Servant" is vast and inexplicable. In two years the band has transitioned from a fairly promising young deathgrind outfit to yet another brutal-for-brutal's-sake deathcore group catering to an endless queue of heavy-hungry scene kids.

"The Serpent Servant" is everything that is wrong with music of the heavier kind today and the kind of album that will make our resident metal scribes Anders and Ellis wince, then weep, because what albums like these do to their beloved genre(s) can essentially be likened to the raping and pillaging of the United Kingdom by the Vikings. Most of the album's 35-minute length is spent on breakdowns that don't just last entire songs, but several songs, with the occasional standard chug-riff and horror chord here and there to, I don't know, add diversity? Sometimes we'll have a couple of foreboding single notes played on the high frets, too, to create some evil atmosphere and is it necessary to even continue trying to describe something so nondescript?

Somewhere halfway through the album "The Serpent Servant" begins to piss me off to no end and before criticising me for formulating an opinion based on one listen, please listen to the songs available on the player below. You will agree that the only thing that this band has going for it that is even of moderate interest is that they're not just a deathcore band - they're a Christian deathcore band, which may seem like a pretty foreign concept, but it is what it is. Seriously, even if deathcore is your thing, "The Serpent Servant" will not please you. You're better off waiting for Suicide Silence's new album, which is likely to be everything this album is not.


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For the fans of: The Acacia Strain, Beneath The Massacre, Underneath The Gun

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Release date 31.03.2009


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