For Blood And Empire

Written by: PP on 06/03/2006 05:39:13

Aside from Propagandhi and Rise Against, Anti-Flag is probably the most known political hardcore/melodic punk band from the States. They belong to the category of bands who aren't afraid to speak out their opinions about the US government, the state of the society or their hatred against the big corporations of the capitalistic society.

Songs like "One Trillion Dollars" openly compare the colossal US military budget to what else could be done with the money, and it may well be an eye-opening song for some right-wing hawks, only if they have a chance to hear it. And that's the thing about "For Blood And Empire", it's so far out left wing that already the song titles will scare away most of the Republican/right wing audiences. If I was a right-wing supporter, I would hate this band and it's moral ideas. After all, who wants to hear line after line, song after song that everything you believe in is wrong and bad for the world? Just listen to "State Funeral" or "Exodus" and you'll know what I mean.

Stylistically, the band hasn't changed their sound much. The better production level has resulted into a brighter and sharper guitar sound, which can best be seen during the many solos on the album. The gang shouts we're used to from oldschool hardcore songs are used to highlight the choruses and the important lyrics, but in my opinion they make the songs sound worse than they actually are. Justin's vocals sound much better off when they're clear and not disturbed by the backup gang shouts.

So in conclusion, "For Blood And Empire" is exactly what everyone expected it to be: Radical lyrics, fast, sharp guitar work and songs varying from radio-friendly to never-to-be-played on radio. I think it's safe to quote NOFX's "Medio-core" here: "They were OK, not great but pretty good. They played the songs I knew they would. Some old, some new, the same formula stays true we can't concur".


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Release date 21.03.2006

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