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The highly productive Endstille are upon us with "Verführer", their sixth album since formation in 2000. A band I have heard the name of on many occasion yet not bore witness to their sounds prior to this, Endstille are a highly regarded German BM band and on the basis of "Verführer" one offering more to the scene than many of their contemporaries.

Dissecting the album's 9 songs in clinical fashion will not be necessary. The particular style of BM on display is of the Marduk and Dark Funeral variety: relatively well produced, incessantly pounding and extremely direct in its approach. The description on the infosheet - "the speed of an MG42 firing and the power of heavy ship-artillery" sums up Endstille better than I ever could. I unfortunately don't have the lyric sheet to include examples but the theme of the band draws parallels with some of Marduk's work too: war. Featuring Kaiser Wilhelm II. on the cover is a start, but rather than focussing on the usual Satan worship the band take an interest in German history, much of which it is fair to say is well suited to accompany the blast and violence of an extreme metal album. "Hate Me...God?" is notable for it's likelihood of being the most memorable of the tracks while "Dead" peaks my interest for featuring a closing section similar to the disturbing classical moments in Funeral Mist's "Salvation". A tactic not wholly original perhaps but one that serves to add both intrigue and depth to proceedings when done well like this.

As mentioned, production levels are none too shabby by BM's admittedly low standards, resting on the usual reverb-ing guitars and minimal bass interaction common to the genre, accompanied by the prevalent shrieks of Iblis who makes himself well heard amongst the aural destruction surrounding him. Through actually being a competent example of how to make such a BM album, "Verführer" is a good solid record and a respectable addition to the genre. It is however not the kind of album to appeal to any outsiders nor will it set the BM world ablaze, but you can't have everything can you?

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For The Fans Of: Marduk, Dark Funeral, Watain
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Release date: 17.04.09
Regain Records

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