The Edge Of All I Know

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Gwyllion's promo sheet starts somewhat out of the ordinary by giving a cosmic perspective on just how insignificant planet Earth is in the wide universe, just for the reason of being able to say how Belgium is even more insignificant in the same perspective despite it's world-wide famous beers & chocolates. I suppose the point of this all is to say that you don't have to come from one of the big states to make good metal music, and if that's the purpose indeed, then point well done. "The Edge Of All I Know" is the band's sophomore full length release, a record where the band apparently looks to improve on every aspect of their debut album, which I haven't heard though so I can't really comment on. Anyway.

Gwyllion play a brand of symphonic metal which is lead by a female vocalist, Annelore Vantomme (or is it Ann Van Rooy? Promo sheet and Myspace say two different things). I know what you're thinking, but this isn't a gothic metal band despite all signs pointing that way, they are indeed a symphonic metal band on every count. The songs range instrumentally from bombastic arena-fillers to tightly knit metal tracks, but although there's nothing to complain about their technical prowess, they all have one aspect in common: Singer Annelore Vantomme and her strong female pipes are the spotlight of the Gwyllion show throughout the entire record. There are a number of additional instruments like keyboard to mandolin completing the band's expression, but you just can't get around the fact that her voice is so dominant and strong in all songs that it really just takes over. And why not, when she's that good?

Bandwise, you can probably compare Gwyllion to acts like Magica, Visions Of Atlantis, Katra and perhaps even the Finnish Nightwish-clones Amberian Dawn, though there's much less opera going on here. If you like that sort of thing then "The Edge Of All I Know" should be fairly high on your to-get list. But realistically speaking, if you haven't yet understood all the fuzz about strong female vocalists fronting symphonic bands, Gwyllion is not likely to make you change your opinion. With that said, they're good in the genre that they are situated in without being excellent. Hence the grade.

Download: Entwined, Rage
For the fans of: Magica, Visions Of Atlantis, Katra, Amberian Dawn
Listen: Myspace

Release date 08.04.2009
Black Bards Entertainment

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