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All the way from the aussie scene, four experienced metalheads with their progressive heavy metal style have released their newest double-disc recording "Embryonics".

"Embryonics" is a collection of Alchemist's classics, favorites and rare demo tracks, which aren't rare because of quality, but rather because of shame. Seriously, one of the band's rare demo tracks; "Imagination Flower" is a real must hear just for the comedy of it. I'm quite aware of it being a demo track, but if you create a track like this one, and are still proud of it, then I'm going to throw in the towel. It's five minutes away from being long-drawn irritating background distortion.

To be honest, when I first heard this album, I had nothing to say about it. It felt irritating, but as a reviewer you have to hold on and listen to it all the way through, so for me, being a person who's really fond of Opeth and Strapping Young Lad, I felt disappointed. Straight out disapponted and with a bit of confusion inside of me, because both Alchemist's overview and relationship to the aforementioned bands sounded great and inviting. For me, it's like getting a placebo instead of the real thing.

But all criticism set aside, isn't there anything that sounds good on the album? Of course, there are some good tracks like: "Garden of Eroticism", "Staying Conscious", "Yoni Kunda" and "Eve of War". Especially "Garden of Eroticism" stands out from the rest of the tracks.

There's just something I'd like to comment, something that I found a bit misplaced. If you take "Chinese Whispers" and another rare demo track like "Paisley Bieurr", you'll quickly discover them almost instrumental all the way. And that's where I don't understand Alchemist. Sure, every album now and then has some tracks where the band can show off their technical abilities, but why did you forget to do vocals on these diamonds? You really remind me of Taint, another unlucky band who also liked to cut their vocals on tracks that would be excellent, if they had any vocals on them.

Undoubtedly, this is an album consisting of many years of musical ups and downs with a few good tracks and disappointingly many unsuitable tracks. But I still see some quality in Australian music, because Alchemist's worthwhile tracks are great but they too, get outshined by the bad seeds.


For the fans of: Opeth, Strapping Young Lads and later Neurosis.

Download: "Chinese Whispers", "Yoni Kunda"

Listen: Alchemist - Official Page

Release date: 13.02.2006


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