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Human Museum

Written by: TL on 28/05/2009 15:42:30

Here's a question I bet a lot of reviewers around Europe must be asking themselves: "How many neo-thrash bands must I endure before someone suffers a spark of originality and comes up with something new?". Well at least one more it would seem, and the first one up is Icon In Me and their debut album "Human Museum". These Russian metallers are newly signed to Massacre Records, and their album comes freshly out of the generic metal manufaction factory (also known as Jacob Hansen's studio).

Yes dear readers, this is in fact another one of those metal releases. One of those that sound deliciously crispy produced just like every other band the great dane has ever turned the buttons for, and just like most of them, the music is a blend of neo-trash, melodeath and hardcore. Bands like The Very End, Bloodwork and Ektomorf come to mind as being bands that are not only similar, but in fact largely indistinctive from Icon In Me. It's a shame really, because as usual this is a band that is wonderfully technically proficient, playing tightly and unleashing impressive solos every now and then. I feel like a dick for writing a review this negative about a band who has obviously put a lot of time and effort into composing a solid metal release, but alas, it just sounds soooooo similar to a billion other promos that have crossed and are still crossing my desk all too regularly. I'm sure that locally the Russians can be proud to have a band representing them in the genre, but for someone who listens to music from all countries indiscriminately, we already have Trivium, we already have In Flames and we already have Cavalera Conspiracy - and between those alone there's already more than enough to keep most of us satisfied. So really, my plea to Icon In Me and every other band who's planning to do a neo-thrash record in collaboration with Mr. Hansen is this: Try to think outside of the box please. Have a little ambition. Have a little character. Otherwise the review of your record will be even shorter and more superficial than this one, because frankly, I'm running out of words and patience for this genre.

Download: "Dislocated", "That Day, That Sorrow"
For The Fans Of: The Very End, Ektomorf, Bloodwork
Listen: myspace.com/iconinme

Release Date 24.04.2009
Massacre Records

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