Determined Damnation

Written by: TL on 28/05/2009 14:31:08

These days it seems that every new day brings us a new German metal band to review on this page, and today is no different with the review of Wolfchant's fifth release "Determined Damnation" slightly overdue. Wolfchant are a five piece hailing from Bayern, and they describe their music as epic extreme metal.

Judging from "Determined Damnation", what this amounts to is basically your run of the mill super melodic epic/power metal, except with a pagan twist in avoiding cliché OTT vibratto vocals and going for a proper black/death metal snarl as lead vocal instead. Their expression is spiced up here and there with short acoustic passages, viking choirs and according to their myspace also with harmonic and accordion, albeit I have yet to find their occurences on this album. As is often the case with metal, diversity in expression is very much besides the point, and except for the odd medieval mood-setting intro, focus lies heavily on being loud, fast and well - metal.

The cool thing about "Determined Damnation" is that you don't really ever get the feeling that it's pretending to be more than it really is. Namely heavy music with a love for medieval warriors and classical metal guitar playing. Those Maiden-esque wailing lead riffs really are its greatest strength. That being said, we all know that bands like this one aren't exactly in shortage. Some do the viking metal thing better and some do it worse, and whether or not you're going to be interested in Wolfchant will depend on how great your craving really is for more music of this kind. Personally I find it to be another one of those records I enjoy listening to, even if it doesn't leave me much to remember it by when it's over.

Download: Until The End, Never Too Drunk
For The Fans Of: Ensiferum, Adorned Brood, Falkenbach
Listen: myspace.com/wolfchant

Release Date 24.04.2009
Massacre Records

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