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Written by: TL on 27/05/2009 18:04:31

Okay so here's another one of those bands that tend to pop up in the British underground, coming out of nowhere and gaining boatloads of hype in a flash - And if you were particularly cynically inclined you could probably believe that they got half of it just from having a strange name. Yes ladies and gentlemen we are in fact about to talk about DANANANANAYKROYD and their debut album "Hey Everyone!", which came out almost two months ago via Best Before Records.

If you're keeping up with British rock media then you'll already be aware that the bandwagon is rolling steadily for DANANANANAYKROYD already early in their career, but judging from this first album of theirs, you'll probably have to witness the band playing live before you'll be fully committed to getting on board. Don't get me wrong though, "Hey Everyone!" is not a bad album. In fact it is a highly enjoyable experience, on which the band successfully mix a quirky, high pitched post-punk similar to Victorian Halls and The Blood Brothers, with an infectious enthusiasm that has me thinking of Junior Senior. It's evident from the first real song on the album, titled "Watch This!", where the crowd chants the band's name feverishly, that this is music meant to start parties. And that it is probably very capable of doing, because there are tonnes and tonnes of memorable and dance able parts included in every track.

The problem however, and the reason I don't think "Hey Everyone!" deserves quite as much hype as it's been getting, is that it's the kind of record that never really transcends one expression or one feeling of intensity. Rather it's the kind that's likely to keep you dancing and laughing happily for as long as you have breath for it, but in the end, when the party is over it feels exactly like just another party. One you vaguely recall was really fuckin' funny and had all kinds of retarded things going on, but also one you can't recall in detail or seem to accurately put names and faces in. But then again, if you can find enough friends who like underground rock like this, then there's no reason not to cram them all into a room and party to the sound of DANANANANAYKROYD, and if you get the chance, I think it would be a serious mistake to miss a live performance by a band who plays this kind of stuff. Good stuff but not quite great.

Download: Watch This!, 1993, The Greater Than Symbol & The Hash
For The Fans Of: Victorian Halls, Blood Brothers, Billy Talent, Junior Senior
Listen: myspace.com/dananananaykroyd

Release Date 06.04.2009
Best Before Records

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