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Boys Life EP

Written by: TL on 27/05/2009 01:34:13

Having not posted a single review for over a week now, I have been in agony trying to focus on my university project rather than awesome rock'n'roll and effectively I'm now far behind with my reviewing duties. So to get back in business here's a quick one of "Boys Life EP" - the second ever release by The Reptilian, a rather locally famous indie rock outfit of Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Their music is of a general indie/punk orientation in sound, however their compositions reveal that more than a little thought has gone into the writing of their songs. Also beyond titling them things like "I'll Ram My Ovipositor Down Your Throat and Lay My Eggs In Your Chest But I'm Not An Alien".. It's pretty atmospheric, pretty raw and pretty quirky all the way through. Really though it sounds like a band taking the very baby steps down a path towards some sort of career in math/ambient rock, but to my ears at least, this band has a length to go still before getting it right.

Listening to "Boys Life EP" just doesn't really speak to you beyond the odd moment where you find yourself puzzled by its oddness. It detracts from it that its vocals are rather terrible, sounding like some poor version of Rory from Enter Shikari's shout for most of the time. That being said, there's not much else to really annoy you on here. Then again, there isn't really much to be excited about either. It's the kind of record you will have trouble remembering because it isn't good enough, nor bad enough to be memorable.


Download: I Can't Drink This It's Warm
For The Fans Of: Quirky indie/math rock?

Release Date 11.03.2009
Count Your Lucky Stars Records

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