Rockers & War

Written by: AB on 27/05/2009 00:05:58

Ok, this will be a short one. I simply don't have a long enough attention span for this kind of stupidity. Debauchery (one of the 10 or so bands with this name) are from Germany, and "Rockers & War" is their 6th album in 7 years. Go figure. This is an album themed around metal and rock and roll and it's comprised of 6 death metal songs and 5 rock and roll songs. To quickly sum up this album: the guys of Debauchery are fans of Six Feet Under and AC/DC. That's it.

The music is for the most part straight up death 'n roll/Six Feet Under worship, then straight up rock and roll/AC/DC worship, and then some parts with rock and roll instrumentation and death metal growls. And yes, this is about as bad as it sounds. Ok, I don't quite get the feeling of being bukkaked with stupidity that Six Feet Under's latest album, the horrible horrible "Death Rituals" gave me, but it's damn close. This is a shitfest of unimaginative riffs, super-crappy singing, super-crappy growling, "Stiff Upper Lip"-devotion, ear-bleeding inducing lyrics about how the Demon Lady likes Debauchery's big cock and their big balls, rip-off guitar solos and so on. You get the drift.

Ok, there's some kinda-good solo parts, but these are, as said, total AC/DC rip-offs, and some OK keys being used in some of the death metal parts, but all in all - this is crap. Yeah, these guys don't take themselves too seriously, and it tries to be good clean fun, but that still doesn't change that this is basically a coverband of a crappy coverband (Six Feet Under) of a good band (AC/DC). It's not even good enough (or, rather ridiculous enough) to be a fun factor for a drunken metal binge and the likes; there's simply no musical merit. Avoid.


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For the fans of: Six Feet Under, AC/DC

Release date 03.04.2009
AFM Records

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