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Written by: PP on 05/03/2006 08:05:15

What would your first reaction be of a band whose album’s front cover has bees flying out from a rotting, cut-out open skeleton’s chest tied onto a tree around numerous skulls? Whatever you are thinking of, Finnish Torture Killer is sure to exceed those thoughts. Chris Barnes’s (previously Six Feet Under) growled, bestial vocals are completed with the most brutal, sometimes even flat out disgusting lyrics one can think of, which immediately pinpoints the band to be a death metal one. However, blast beats are used sparingly and the guitars are far from the speed we are used to in this scene. Instead, they aim to create a 'deceased' sound with the basic, though effective drumbeats and the draining, repetitive guitar lines. Soon after listening to the album, it becomes clear that Chris is the carrying force for the band, and helps them to separate themselves from the somewhat (currently) stale and unoriginal death metal scene.

Speaking of lyrics, their vocalist has written some of the most disturbing, most offensive lyrics one could think of. Just listen to the vocals of "Forever Dead": “I’m not a man I’m a fucking beast, born to kill, I’d like to die… I hate you all, I wait to kill, the taste of blood”, and this isn’t anywhere near the graphicness of the vocals in later tracks. All songs handle about death, murder, butchering and violence, but yet are able to produce song structures so explicitly well thought out, that one can only wonder when this band became as talented as they are, and why they haven’t risen to a legendary status already.

Try listening to “Swarm!” at night time when near a forest. It’s as if the trees transform into blood-thirsty killer trees we’re used to from the old horror movies, and you are constantly afraid that a zombie will slowly limp out of the forest towards you with a blood-dripping chainsaw in its hands. Such is the effect of “Swarm!”, one of the most disturbing, but at the same time one of the most creative, significant death metal efforts ever to have surfaced. Prepare to be scared to death.


Download: Forever Dead, Multiple Counts Of Murder
For the fans of: Obituary, Six Feet Under

Release date 27.02.2006
Metal Blade records
Provided by Target ApS

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