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Written by: PP on 25/05/2009 17:23:13

Lanterns have some dictionary style definitions of their name up on their Myspace page, and the one of them comes exceptionally close to describing their 2008 EP "Apocalypse Youth" in just three words: Pretty distorted noise. That's right, Lanterns play the sort of psychedelic post-punk/indie rock with loud, fuzzy, distortion-filled guitars and immensely warm and emotional vocals to top things off. Basically like a more popped-and-punked-up version of Sonic Youth for the lazy readers.

Whether intentional or not, "Midnight Psalms (Alright!)" conveys the desperation and claustrophobia of a huge metropolis through it's effect-laden guitar psychedelia. The compelling clean vocal delivery and the almost gang-shouted backing choir play off each other nicely and add to psychedelic rock feel; if I didn't know better I'd say the band was trying to forge a sonic image of New York City during the song - but you really have to hear it to understand it. Another band whose soundscape had me picturing similar things in my mind was Boo And Boo Too on "No Tempo", although Lanterns generally have a much more emotional sound. Think of Samiam here.

"Desperate Wolves, Beacon Flames" is easily the best track on this EP, and had all tracks been as lively and vivid as this one, I'd have no trouble giving the band an instant 9. This song simply has the perfect balance between energetic song structure, psychedelia, emotional vocals and the indie rock feel prevalent throughout the record. If there's only one post-punk track you'll hear this year, make sure it's this one. Like so many other reviews have concluded, this review, too, will say that the following track "Electric Warrior Kisses" is a real disappointment from the otherwise solid material present on the EP thanks to its overuse on vocal effect. But since it's the last track it doesn't matter so much; you'll be playing "Desperate Wolves, Beacon Flames" on repeat anyway by that point. Someone please sign these guys!

Download: "Desperate Wolves, Beacon Flames"
For the fans of: Weatherbox, Boo & Boo Too, Sonic Youth, Samiam
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Release date 19.07.2008

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