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Sea Sick Music

Written by: PP on 23/05/2009 14:36:59

Shark Speed are an indie-tinged post-hardcore band with delicate math rock tendencies. That description alone should have you thinking of Bear Vs Shark, the seminal indie/post-hardcore band that's known by so few but who have influenced hundreds if not thousands of bands. One of the biggest injustices in the world is how little credit Bear Vs Shark have ever received for the two albums they wrote before breaking up, but I suppose having all these bands referencing their sound is part of the mystique, and in any case who can complain when it's done as well as on "Sea Sick Music"?

These are earnest songs performed with silent passion of the sort that you'll only notice after several repeat active-listening sessions. Think of the way Attack In Black explode during their songs without necessarily having to make their songs louder or faster, and you'll catch the drift. The idea for Shark Speed is to be slightly math rock in places, indie rock in other places, with a third ingredient coming from hardcore/post-hardcore, though especially the hardcore influence is buried completely underneath the layers of guitar and vocals. The songs aren't too different from each other, they all sound rather similar to bands like Look Mexico, while the influences have been Bear Vs Shark and Minus The Bear for sure, though Shark Speed aren't as full of raw energy as the former, nor as quirky as the latter. But at some point this doesn't matter at all because through this approach the band achieves a complete unity between all the songs on the record.

While it'd be difficult to argue this being a perfect 10 album, I'm having trouble justifying otherwise. For it's not like there are any bad songs on the record; the songs don't have specific highlights for me the mention, the songs as a whole are the highlight. It's interesting to see that these guys are still unsigned, because to me, their sound has a very specific ring to it: the one that was once stated to be at the heart of Equal Vision Records. This isn't your average, run of the mill super-catchy pop oriented post-hardcore. Instead, "Sea Sick Music" is an intelligent record with a breadth of instrumental intricacies found everywhere on the record ensuring one thing: this record is one hell of a grower.


Download: And You Are In The Band?, Cast Off Dance Off, Battle Born
For the fans of: Look Mexico, Bear Vs Shark, Minus The Bear, Attack In Black
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Release date 12.05.2009

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