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Ingrimm's promo sheet for their new album "Todgeweiht" goes out of its way explaining how and why Ingrimm are different and more original than other medieval themed metal bands. They have been previously criticized for sounding just like In Extremo and Subway To Sally, apparently. Perhaps Ingrimm don't sound like them on "Todgeweight", but they sure as hell don't sound original in any manner, because you could take any medieval metal band with bagpipes and the differences would be minimal. In Germany alone I can count two dozen Ingrimms who more or less recycle the same formula, adding and deducting elements from each others' sound in an attempt to sound different. Now, this approach isn't necessarily terrible, as seen in other folk metal bands (medieval is close enough to folk) like Arkona, but that requires the band to be able to write great enough songs that, while not sounding too different from their colleagues, contain that 'something special' element. This is, unfortunately, not the case on this album.

The main vocals, for instance, are a bit of a joke. Lead vocalist Stephan Zandt applies far too much sandpaper-type effect on his verse vocals for my liking, but luckily the choruses see him diverge from the bad into better format; the screams, shrieks and fully clean vocals are a thousand times better if you ask me. But that could just be the backup vocalist, in which case I'd suggest for Zandt to switch roles and we could really have something here.

Ignoring the vocal department though, the best moments are when the band leaves the guitarist and bassist to just chug away while the focus is on the bagpipe melodies. These are almost always strong and the reason why anyone would find "Todgeweiht" even remotely interesting. I just wish the whole album was built around them instead of the supporting role they've been given. And on that count, I'll finish off this review, and hope the band takes note of my opinion.


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For the fans of: Nachtgeschrei, Subway To Sally, In Extremo
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Release date 06.04.2009
Black Bards Entertainment

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