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Rise Against (7 Inch)

Written by: PP on 22/05/2009 15:20:50

You might be as surprised as me to find more new material by Rise Against surfacing this soon after their previous masterpiece "Appeal To Reason". Basically, Rise Against agreed into a bet with Fat Mike of NOFX/Fat Wreck Chords about something undisclosed and lost it (how did they not see that coming?). Under the terms of the bet, Rise Against would surrender the last two unreleased songs from the "Appeal To Reason" recording sessions for an exclusive 7" vinyl release through Fat Wreck Chords. Only 5000 copies (or was it 8000? not sure) of the disc were pressed, so in some way you can consider the 7" a collector's item, much like the band's terrible tour EP "This Is Noise" from 2007. Unfortunately, being a collector's item isn't the only thing the two releases have in common...

"Grammatizator" is among the heaviest tracks I've heard from Rise Against to date. It's pure hardcore punk, the production is awfully lo-fi, and it honestly feels like the band has forgotten to inject the song with the usual dose of melody that's present even on the band's earliest output on "Revolutions Per Minute". In short, it's a crap song from a band that rarely writes songs that I wouldn't fall in love with. "Voice Of Dissent" shares the same problematic production (or lack thereof), but here Tim McIlrath's vocal melodies are at least close to those that we're used to hearing from the band in the past three albums. The absence of production ruins any potential the track might have otherwise had lyrically though. After both tracks finish playing, I can't help but think that the joke's on Fat Mike this time around.


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Release date 12.05.2009
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