Out For Blood

Written by: ASH on 18/02/2006 12:33:18

"After seven years of silence, Sadus returns to the front of the battlefield."

Take a glimpse at that sentence and give it a bit of thought. Sounds interesting doesn't it? Yet hold your horses before you go roaming down to your local metal store for their new album and take a read through this review first.

"Out For Blood" is the new release by the californian four-piece band Sadus, but even though they're proclaimed to be a vicious metal machine, I sense a deja v?s from the "old school bay trash" scenes. Even having survived record company politics and hostile genre take overs, vocalist and lead shredder Darren Travis, bassist and synther Steve Di Giorgio and drummer Jon Allen still sounds like something that made our ears bleed before.

Looking at the positive, Sadus' abilities as a band are blazing. If you listen to their instruments and by that I mean ONLY the guitar, the bass and the drums, then you can easily imagine one diabolic metaller whipping his spine lengthed hair over the guitar and then breaking out in one evil torment riff on his guitar, while the bass beats the hell out of any soft-core pop rhytm along with the drums being smashed and trashed over and over again in one, never ending metal warfare. It's a vicious metal machine.

The drawback of this album is, in my opinon, Travis' voice on most of the album's tracks. In tracks like the album's first song: "In The Name Of...", I personally dislike Travis' voice. If he wants to be as evil as his band, then he really needs to spice up his voice a bit. A trash metal band with a mean-machine attitude really can't use a vocalist that sounds more like Daniel Lloyd Davey from Cradle Of Filth. This is about trash roars, not goth screams!

All in all, "Out For Blood" is an album, not for the masses, but more for the fans. If you have a friend that you want to introduce to metal (or more specifically aggressive trash metal), then don't start out with these guys. But when it comes to the fans of Sadus and the more experienced listeners of the genre, then I'd give it a thumbs up, but nothing more. Sadus' abilities as musicians are great, especially on tracks like "Smackdown", "No More" and "Freak", but "Out For Blood" will sooner or later become boring in the ears of the average fans of metal and in the end also collect dust on the CD shelf.


For the fans of: Death, Exodus, Testament

Download: Smackdown, Freak

Release date 27.02.2006
Mascot Records
Provided by Target APS

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