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The Monaco Heartattack 7-inch

Written by: PP on 18/05/2009 12:07:48

Five years of album reviews. That's how long it took before this magazine received it's first 7 inch and 12 inch vinyl records for review consideration. I don't even own a vinyl player (come on, it's 2009, not 1989), but as always is the case, somehow a method was found for us to check out original screamo band The Monaco Heartattack from Malaysia. Original screamo emerged from the hardcore punk scene of San Diego in early 90s, where bands began screaming their lungs out on top of a distinct hardcore punk musical platform, adding in experimental dissonance plus lots and lots of chaotic, uncontrollable vibes. As a genre it is much harsher than the screamo we know about today, and being associated more with punk than emo, true punk DIY ideology is audible in the production or rather lack thereof throughout. Think of bands like Saetia, Orchid, Hot Cross, Funeral Diner and United Nations and you basically have your foundation to understanding The Monaco Heartattack's self-titled 7" record.

Vinyl has its charm at some point, and I can understand why some people prefer its unique and characteristic sound to the perfect production of CD quality music. But lo-fi production unfortunately also means that the screaming, menacing though it is, comes across as little more than just indecipherable wraaghhh wraaghhh wraaghh in all five songs of the record. While I'm sure that's the point in original screamo and I'm not saying it doesn't add to The Monaco Heartattack's 'local band charm', at some point I'd love to hear what these guys could do with a proper recording. If United Nations were able to do it, then so should this band. The only positive element about it is that the tiny bits of melody which have been injected amidst the ferocious chaos have a nice melodic ring to them.

Although I'm sure that The Monaco Heartattack have no desire to sell a boatload of records or to go on big tours across the world, some ambition certainly wouldn't hurt. It's unfortunate enough that the band exists in Malaysia. No bad feelings, but it's insanely hard to make a name when you don't come from the main music markets, especially at a niche genre such as this. The fact that they seem to be only putting out stuff on vinyl, and that the five songs on this record take up just over six minutes of space makes things worse. So while being an entirely decent band in the original screamo genre, I don't see the justification of giving this a higher grade than it receives, all things above being considered.

Download: A Traitor Like You
For the fans of: United Nations, Saetia, Hot Cross, Funeral Diner
Listen: Myspace

Release date 23.03.2009
Apocaplexy Records

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