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Come Clarity

Written by: PP on 08/02/2006 16:11:52

If you were worrying about how the new In Flames album would sound, fear not, as "Come Clarity" is a great return to form from the band, after the somewhat less appreciated albums "Soundtrack To Your Escape" and "Reroute To Remain".

When the previously mentioned albums were released, many complained that the twin guitar harmonies that the band, their hometown Gothenburg, and their genre of metal is known for, were dirty and somewhat overpowered by the vocals and the drums. This is not the case on "Come Clarity", where the album has been mixed with these legendary guitars in mind, and they are clearly visible to the listener.

Their vocalist Anders has taken a step towards the modern screamo movement rather than towards the older, nearly growled style he used to feature on "The Jester Race" for instance. This works perfectly especially on "Scream", which is a track any metalcore/screamo band would be proud of. The aggressive, in your face vocal/guitar work of the opening track "Take This Life" follow the same trend, however once we reach the much talked about "Dead End", where the band has brought in the popular pop star Lisa Miskovsky to help out with the chorus, the band shows some variety by adding some softer melodies to balance the album. A wise choice in my opinion, as it adds a new, more atmospheric dimension to the otherwise dark, in your face riffing and the screamed out vocals.

Tracks like "Crawl Through Knives" and "Vacuum" could be straight from the albums of bands like Black Dahlia Murder or Darkest Hour, so it is interesting to trace backwards how In Flames' trademark guitarwork has significantly influenced the modern hardcore/metalcore bands, and how this album will continue to do so years after its release.

The strenght of "Come Clarity" lies in its variety. It gives you both the shredders and the mellow ones in a non-flow breaking way. And although many of the hardcore fans will argue that this still isn't as good as their earlier work, it comes pretty damn close!


For the fans of: At The Gates, Darkest Hour

Download: Vacuum, Scream

Release date 06.02.2006
Nuclear Blast

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