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Blood & Ashes

Written by: BL on 17/05/2009 03:08:08

Devils Whorehouse are a horror punk band from Sweden and this is their third release since 2000. They started as primarily a cover band for The Misfits and Samhain (two bands I'm not familiar with). Of course I wouldn't have known this save for Wikipedia as I am a complete stranger to both the band and the genre. AP also filled me on the fact that the bassist Morgan was behind the black metal band Marduk (according to themselves to be the most blasphemous band in the world, much like this silly band name). Being a fan of horror I was hopeful of maybe hearing something that might be creepy or scary, or at the very least something with some imaginative imagery in the sound, or if not, then at the very least a good listen. Well you win some and you lose some, though in this case I lost, pretty badly.

The mix is probably the only thing I can't really fault: the guitars have a thick and muddy, yet smooth tone helped by a very noticeable bass guitar. The drums are clean and crisp and the vocals have a nice clarity, despite being one of the things I dislike most on this album. Maelstrom's vocals have an annoying vibrato and the tone of his voice isn't the greatest. He retains this style pretty much the whole way throughout apart from the beginning of "Speak The Name Of The Dead", where it is a bit more typical - that song at least begins well. There are occasions were harmonising the vocals are used to good effect, but these moments are few and far between. The guitars are simplistic in riffing at best, and mindnumbingly dull and repetitive at worst ("Demons Of The Flesh"). A guitar solo pops up on the said track though to brighten things for a moment. The general mood in the songs is gloomy, sombre and dark, sort of like doom metal, only you're depressed as hell because the music isn't that great instead of it being incredibly effective.

In an attempt to be a bit positive at least: the first half of the album is stronger than the latter. I would say their best track is probably track 4, "The Cult Of Death", which features the eerie atmosphere in most of their songs, only here it actually kind of works whereas in others it's just silly - especially when considering the equally silly lyrics. However it doesn't say too much about them when you consider this track is primarily an interlude, since it's rather short at just under two minutes and features no guitar riffs at all. After the half way point I was simply losing interest in the music and things started to blur with each other and drone in the background. Trying hard to be objective though and being honest in how I feel, there isn't a whole lot else I can say about what I've heard here. For me it definitely carried on too long, the good parts were overrun by the bad and I am left utterly bored out of my mind and rather anxious to move on.


Download: The Cult Of Death, Speak The Name Of The Dead, Werewolf
For the fans of: The Misfits(but don't take me up on this), sleeping, b-horror soundtracks only worse
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Release date 11.05.2009
Regain Records

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