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Rewiring The Human Body

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About a year and a half ago, Texas hardcore act Fight Pretty released their debut album "Rewiring The Human Body" during one of their tours, selling 600 copies of it overall. Fast forward a year and a half into April 2009, and the band decided to release the album as a free digital download on the internet, stating: "About 600 people bought Rewiring on tour and we hope at least another 600 will download it for free and dig what they hear. S**t is tough and shelling out 10 dollars for a CD can be difficult some times. If you download the album and enjoy what you hear, come out to one of our shows and say hi, grab a shirt, buy a beer, bring a friend – do whatever you want to support the scene! We want to have a good time with you and play a great show". I'm liking what I'm hear on the record, so much kudos to the band for doing whatever it takes to gain a name for themselves. Therefore if you like what you hear in the player below, do go and buy a shirt by the band.

Musically, Fight Pretty plays Norma Jean / The Chariot styled hardcore punk with slight metalcore and hardcore nuances. Botch and Norma Jean have been an obvious influence to these guys, and it's easy to hear the occasional Converge worship in their sound as well. But this is by no means a bad thing, as their ferocious expression is both convincing and entertaining. The breakdowns are crushing, the wall of guitars relentlessly tears your ears, and the screamed/harshly yelled vocals are synonyms to words like angry, passionate, convincing, not to speak of the menacing force that they arrive with line after line. When these meet the seldom used clean vocal howls in contrasting moments, the only way to describe the situation is to call it utterly desperate. Not desperate in a trying-too-hard way, but desperate in that rolling on the floor while screaming into the mic sort of thing. You know, the stuff that makes Converge or Norma Jean shows so goddamn great to watch live. Like the band's Myspace page itself states: "Sounds like somebody screaming while 2 people are bashing him with electric guitars". While this obviously means that the band are not particularly masterful when it comes to handling their instruments, all such worries are wiped away by the stupendously strong aggression factor ever present in their music in the form of dissonance, discordance and lots and lots of echoing feedback. That's why it serves this record justice to state that the band are sonically pouring their hearts out in all songs.

Fight Pretty show lots of promise on the record. The only shortcoming that immediately comes to mind is that the songs are way too short; the whole 10 track album fits in just over 19 minutes. If they're able to find a way to push their 2 minute songs into 3 or 4 minutes while still keeping them plausible in sound, then these guys can go far. For now, "Rewiring The Human Body" is good for what it is; short, spastic moments of intense chaos-hardcore for the times when you just need to mosh against the four walls around you.

Download: Us And Truckers (Big City Nights), Bad Sex, Kurt Cobain's Not Dead
For the fans of: The Chariot, Norma Jean, Converge, Gallows, Botch
Listen: Myspace

Release date 14.04.2009
Originally released on 23.10.2007'

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