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Here's a short outtake from the promotional information attached to the new album "Power Of The Damn MiXXXer" by industrial rockers/metallers Prong: "We feel the LP ["Power Of The Damager"] was overlooked and in some cases ignored. But the added elements provided by the great remixers, producers, and deejays infused with all the tracks make 'Power Of The Damn Mixxxer' an interesting yet enjoyable listening experience". But isn't that just another way of saying that people thought your record was crap and this is your 2nd attempt with the same songs in a slightly different format? Smells like a huge cash-in to me, and that statement makes it hard for me to take this release seriously.

Now I have never heard the 2007 album so I have absolutely no idea how much the band has changed stuff around here, so I'm just gonna go ahead and ignore its existence altogether and start from scratch. Prong play echoing industrial rock in the vein of Ministry, just less metal and less political in nature. KoЯn’s Jonathan Davis, as well as Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) apparently cite Prong as an influence to their musical style, and listening to songs like "Can't Stop The Bleeding" it's easy to see why said artists affiliate with Prong. Anyway, the remixes to the original songs are provided by a star-struck lineup of DJ's and rock musicians. "The Banishment" has been remixed by Rob Caggiano of Anthrax, "Spirit Guide" by John Bechdel of Ministry, and "Bad Fall" by Greg Puciato of The Dillinger Escape Plan. These tend to be the best tracks on the disc, though "Worst Of It" and a drum-n-bass version of "Pure Ether" are pretty interesting as well. Of the DJ names and sound engineers you'll see AK1200, Seismologist, DJ? Acucrack, Xris Flam, Clayton Worbeck and a bunch of other names that say absolutely nothing to me. Are they famous, anyone?

Throughout the record, the variety of remixes range from complete makeovers (even without ever hearing "Pure Ether" I refuse to believe it sounded THIS much like drum n bass originally) to slight adjustments and DJ/electronics injections into the sound. It's entertaining enough if you're just checking out how industrial metal turns into electronic music. If you're a Prong fan, however, and own the previous record, you could find "...Mixxxer" something truly special. Or alternatively you'll hate the band for destroying the original songs, but that's for you to find out and decide. I'm just gonna go with a safe in-between rating here.

Download: Pure Ether (Big Riddim Mix), Can't Stop Bleeding (SMack! Mix), Worst Of It (Worst Of The Worst Mix)
For the fans of: Prong, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails
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Release date 08.05.2009
13th Planet/Soulfood Music

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