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What Horrors Await

Written by: PP on 11/05/2009 20:56:12

I've never heard of Jungle Rot before listening to their new record, but apparently a lot of people have. A few sweeps of select metal message boards reveal hordes of fans for this old school styled death metal outfit, suggesting somewhat of a cult following akin to that by fellow colleagues Six Feet Under. Nobody really understands why Six Feet Under fans like the band, but for some reason the band holds the status of the fourth best selling death metal act of all time with sales of over 370k. Jungle Rot probably doesn't sell even a fraction of that, but the same question mark on exactly why they're popular hangs low around this band as well.

"What Horrors Await" starts with groovy, violent, malicious-sounding guitars that entirely justify the second part of the band's name. Obituary and Six Feet Under influences are audible in all places, although it should be said here that Jungle Rot is waaaaaaaaaaay better than Six Feet Under. The vocalist sounds like an improved version of the Illdisposed dude (I never liked his indecipherable growl much), he has an interesting and instantly attention-grabbing voice, which has the immediate consequence of having me find this record far more attractive than I would've expected. It says just how much your vocalist has to say in music.

The whole idea on "What Horrors Await" is to craft music that sounds as malicious, disgusting and formidable as possible without having to resort to the dubious blast-beat hell most other death metal bands shove in your face today. This is no frills, no bullshit, in-your-face old school death metal with an attitude and a clear identity. Bonus points for choosing groove over sheer noise, but nevertheless, I can't say I'm impressed.


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Release date 04.05.2009
Napalm Records

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