Hey, I´m a Ghost

Written by: KS on 03/02/2006 18:20:59

Sullivan is quite a new band, but their debut effort "Hey, I'm a Ghost" has surprised me positively. It's simple, classic poppy emo with damn catchy riffs and easy singalong lyrics.

One thing that annoys me is that out of 11 tracks, three are way too many slow songs. "Gardens" is especially cheezy and disgusting, I really can't stand that track. This is generally the biggest problem of "Hey, I'm A Ghost".

The singer varies his singing from a kind of raspy voice, to a talking-over-the-music-style and then to some high pitched singing, and the transitions are very well done in my opinion.

All in all this is something everybody has heard before, but with its own charm is really well done. Yet songs like "Gardens" are what drag it down.


Download: Down Here We All Float
For the fans of: Cartel, Houston Calls

Release date 24.01.2006
Tooth & Nail

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